Time Flies

2010 August 28
by Dave

I can’t believe that I’ve managed to leave off the pissing and moaning about the economic situation for a whole month. Nuts to that. It’s time for this bear to dance.

As Krugman said in his column Thursday, “This is not a recovery.” I still think that we should call it “The Cold Depression.” What hadn’t become clear when I originally made the cold war analogy is that there is an actual opponent to the recovery. The GOP are the Soviets.

A few weeks ago I heard an economic commentator discussing the inability for any thing to get done to help the economy until after the elections. She finished her part of the discussion by explaining that government inaction in the face of the lackluster recovery would continue long after the election due to the Republicans having every incentive to keep the economy in the crapper to maximize their electoral chances of taking the White House in 2012.

I don’t know how anyone can avoid screaming when talking about the intentional condemnation of millions of Americans to long term unemployment. And they disguise it as concern about the deficit. If they care about the deficit so much, then why don’t they explain exactly what they will cut rather than just running around signing pledges to never ever raise taxes.

For a staunch centrist that leaned somewhat to the right once upon a time, I sure am starting to sound like an angry southpaw.

And then they revised the GDP growth rate numbers for Q-2 downward. It’s amazing that the effect of the stimulus wore out exactly when the economists predicted it would back in early 2009.

I think that I’ll end this rant by putting a song in your head. “I think we’re turning Japanese. I think we’re turning Japanese. I really think so.”

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