VC pitch number five

2012 July 29
by Dave

I just realized that it has been almost two years since I gave you all the last VC pitch. I bet you’ve worn out the previous four by now and need to put a new elevator pitch into rotation to squeeze lunches and drinks from VC dudes. So here it is.

Jacuzzi toilets. Maybe toilet tub is a better name. I’ll just leave it to you to come up with a name.

Take your standard Jacuzzi tub. Add a large, fast filling hot water heater and a toilet sized drain at one end. Now the relaxed bather can drop a deuce in the tub and flush the entire tub, get a full body hot water rinse and then have the tub refill. All in a matter of seconds.

No McMansion will be complete without one. I’m confident my friend Aaron would buy two. Get on it.

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