2011 September 12
by Dave

An insider’s view from one of those planes that was escorted by fighters and had brown people dragged off of it because they went pee. Way to celebrate the 10th¬†anniversary¬†of September 11th by reminding us all that the bad guys won.

That is your real gigantic expansion of the scope, power, and payroll of the federal government that the Tea Partiers are so upset about. But they are mostly interested in saving government money by letting the uninsured die. Go watch that awesome video from the Republic presidential primary debate tonight where the audience yells “Yeah!” to Wolf Blitzer’s question if someone who chooses not to pay for insurance should be allowed to die.

I’m interested in what the response would be to the question of what should be done with some one who couldn’t pay for insurance rather than someone who chose not to. I’ve got a guess that the response would be the same.

At least there is a consistent theme. Screw the poors, screw the browns and double screw the poor browns. It makes me kind of yearn for compassionate conservatism. Now we are stuck with the passionate kind.

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