Neither Debt Nor Default

2011 September 7
by Dave

Still waiting for the other shoe to drop and push our economy into the abyss? Well there’s a new boot in town and it’s on the foot of the USPS. Unless you see a headline to the affect of “United States Post Office nationalized” in the next month or so, we will be facing a precipitous reduction in jobs at the USPS rather than a slow bleed beginning with the mooted cessation of Saturday delivery.

I’m not sure if attaching a post office bailout to the jobs bill sent to congress later this week is President Obama taking the USPS hostage, or giving it as a hostage to the GOP. Or maybe all the old people that vote love the post office so much that the two parties will work together to save it.

Hard to know what the GOP will do when faced with the choice of an angry Grandma unable to send birthday cards and sticking it in the eye of organized labor. Actually, not so hard to figure out. The post office is dead. Good thing Amazon is already working on a replacement.

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