Another New Holiday

2011 August 24
by Dave

Happy End Of The Golden Age Of Apple Day!

Just as September needed a new holiday last year, I think August needs one this year. Steve Jobs Stepped down from Apple’s CEO position today, August 24th, so Golden Apple day it is.

I’m not going to bother to pretend to have an opinion on how critical Jobs is to Apple’s ability to make great stuff. Instead I will rehash my previous┬áSchtick and reproduce the text on the bottom of this years Little Sumpin’ Wild six pack from Lagunitas in honor of the first Golden Apple day:

“Bring me Sumpin’ Wild!” His voice rang out down the double helical hallway. He was summoning the object of his desire, that Phenolic-Off-Flavor producing POF gene. He was a handsome, albiet pedestrian, heterozygous diploid strain and he longed for the wild side of things- the lights, the big city, the cloves, the subtle tropical fruit nuances… but he was an ordinary heterozygous diploid. “Bring me the POF!” he bellowed again down the helix holding forth his fresh new bud in hopeful anticipation of the imminent protoplast fusion that would allow him to decarboxylate ferulate to the 4-vinyl guaiacol and qualify him for pitching and subsequent ATP defilement of the luscious Little Sumpin’ wort. Hope springs eternal, but who among us is as lucky as all that..?

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