Job Hunt

2010 November 14
by Dave

The next time that you find yourself unemployed, try out this tip I read on Lifehacker’s evil week:

When looking for a job, post a want ad describing the job you want on craigslist. Use the flood of resumes in your inbox to see who you’re up against in the job market and one-up them with your own resume.

Awesome idea. Morally questionable and I still haven’t made up my mind on whether or not I’d use this tactic. But an awesome idea none the less.

I sense a very solid business opportunity in the job search consulting field. Competitive analysis. It’s like buying and taking apart an iPad if you are trying to design your own tablet.

If there are any interview questions that you find yourself consistently having a hard time with you could run a few phone interviews and throw those out there.

If you are a manager and want to know if any of your employees are looking for other employment you could always run the same scam.

I think the end result of reading this tip will be intense paranoia whenever I am applying from jobs from here on out. What self respecting stalker wouldn’t want a copy of their target’s resume.

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