Service Interruption

2010 October 11
by Dave

I’m moving this coming weekend. Thus I will be busy packing this week and my internet connectivity at home may be limited next week. So for the next two weeks I am going to feed you links to interesting stuff worth reading.

Today we are going to lead off with a post at Jalopink giving the run down on what GM has actually delivered with the Chevy Volt versus what it promised. Spoiler alert: the internal combustion engine isn’t just a range extender.

And our closer will be last Monday’s op-ed for the New York Times by Paul Krugman. This is the best piece that I have read so far on the strange position that we have found ourselves in when it comes to plausible GOP presidential candidates and their current employment status (all except for Romney are on the Fox News payroll).

Have a great week and I will check back in with some more stuff to read in a day or two.

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