A Bull In Bear’s Clothing?

2010 September 13
by Dave

I feel that I need to clarify my bearish feelings a bit.

Disclosure: I’m looking to purchase a house right now.

One might think that from reading my posts that I would not be prone to making such a purchase at the moment. However my actual future economic expectation is that flatness is the most likely outcome, with mild decline next most likely, followed by mild growth, followed at a slightly larger distance by drastic decline, and quite distantly followed by spectacular growth.

Since only one of those outcomes would be a problem for long term home ownership, the low interest rates and low prices have pushed me past the tipping point of thinking that it’s a good time to buy.

We’ll see in six months whether or not I am an outlier or part of a trend. Lets hope I am trendy, but early. I like to be cutting edge.

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