Winged Egress

2010 August 29
by Dave

Getting on and off of airliners is a pain in the ass. It is also very costly. Airlines seek to maximize the use of capital equipment and would keep every airplane in the air 24 hours a day if they could.

Every time that a plane lands it takes at least 15 minutes to deplane passengers and another 15 minutes to board the next batch of passengers. This is wasteful of  both the airlines’ money and my time.

I want to see an airplane pull up to a jetway that extends the entire length of the plane and is mobile enough to roll sideways up to the body and then lower itself over the wing. Next the entire side of the plane will slide up and all of the passengers will exit laterally from their rows directly onto the jetway which will be wide enough for all of the passengers to make their way up four or five abreast.

Passengers will be able to be loaded or unloaded in less than five minutes. I would appreciate it if one of you could get Boeing or EADS on the phone and make this happen sooner rather than later.

Speed of entry and exit is the greatest convenience of regional jets. I want to see some effort put into innovative methods of delivering that same convenience to passengers on larger aircraft.

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