Get Your BS at BU

2010 July 2
by Dave

Time for your Friday morning wake up call. You now have the option of pretending to go to college this summer at the newly announced Beck University.

Glenn Beck appears to be adding live and recorded lectures in pseudo history to his Insider Extreme website and calling it a University. An extra bonus for your $9.95 monthly subscription fee. I assume that the main educational goal is to be able to melt the brain of someone who doesn’t believe Beck’s nonsense. My brain already hurts just imagining talking to someone who has drunk deeply from this well of hidden knowledge.

I guess this would be the value add for online liberal arts education that I was talking about last week.

Makes me kind of nostalgic for the days when people just subscribed to Rush Limbaugh’s news letter. I eagerly await the televised frothing rant when Saint Glenn informs his viewers that Berkley won’t give them transfer credit.

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