Weekend At Bernie’s Two: Slump Harder

2010 June 22
by Dave

Buttonwood passed along an awesome analogy last week. Basically the developed world’s economy is playing the titular role in the movie Weekend at Bernie’s. Two guys keep Bernie’s corpse propped up and lifelike so that they can party in his beach house for the weekend. Every time they start having too much fun and stop propping Bernie up, he slumps down and reverts to true corpse form.

Tuesday’s unexpectedly bad housing numbers are another in a string of weak data points that pop out here and there to hint to us that the economic recovery is just a rigor frozen corpse on water skis. At least it has a nice boat.

And speaking of ’90s movies about boats, those austerity goons and rate hike fiends are like Kate Winslet letting go of Johnny Depp in Titanic just because he died. Didn’t she promise him that she would never let go? And if she had gotten in the life raft with the women and children like he tried to get her to wouldn’t there have been space on the piece of wood for him?

Final one. I found a pic of Goldman Sachs and the rest.

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  1. James Flory permalink
    June 26, 2010

    I have withheld comment for a number of months now. Commenting on the internet seems like passing notes via a tornado. I cannot remain silent. They came for Weekend At Bernie’s and I said nothing. (Though first I thought to myself, “Sweet. Dave will present a scathing insightful note on Bernie Madoff and his insensitive comments about rich people.” Then I thought, “Isn’t there already a Weekend At Bernie’s Two?”) Then they came for Titanic and I could not remain silent. Johnny Depp was not in Titanic. He does not star in quality maritime films.

  2. Dave permalink*
    June 26, 2010

    I know you liked that Tim Burton movie he was in where he wore all the white makeup and was crazy? Batman I think it was?

  3. Joe permalink
    July 7, 2010

    Great observation!! I wish it were as funny as weekend at Bernies!

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