World Cup Fever

2010 May 16
by Dave

The World Cup is coming. If you find yourself in a bar frequented by those of foreign extraction, expect football on the big screen(probably every screen) and random outbreaks of song. If you’ve got an iThing of one flavor or another check out ESPN’s official app. I’ve read rumors of an official FIFA app that will push video of every goal to your mobile, but as far as I can tell it hasn’t been launched yet.

If you are looking for some intelligent commentary and talking points so that you can be one of the cool people talking soccer at the water cooler then you should check out my brother in law’s world cup blog. He’s already calling it for Brazil so if you hear any one talking up another team’s chances you can intelligently reply, “I just don’t see them holding up against Brazil.”

I think that this World Cup is hitting global demand at a crucial moment in the global recovery. It will be great for stoking developing world consumer demand and will fill up a slow news cycle summer with a bit of solid red meat. Now if the Greeks can just pull out a solid performance we might have the fun of seeing Greeks throwing rocks at the police out of joy rather than rage.

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