My Brain Hurts

2010 May 13
by Dave

I find myself staring dumbly at the screen at a loss for words after watching this collection of cable news people discussing Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s obvious lesbianism as evinced by the fact that she once played softball. You watch it while I try to come up with something coherent to say about it.

If the Republicans hope to fire up the base with fears of a closeted homosexual on the Supreme Court, they should have spared a thought for the effect this talking point will have on softball dads. When I go to a park and there is a girls softball game on I see a lot more middle aged white guys with pickups than young ethnic dudes in Priuses. Athletic women and men with athletic daughters seem to me to be demographics that the GOP should go out of it’s way to avoid annoying. Pat Buchanan is, as always, shockingly awesome in his role as a parody of himself.

If this ends up putting too much pressure on Kagan the White House should give more focus to Elliot Spitzer’s statement to the effect that, even though he hadn’t hit it when they were friends back in college, he knew plenty of guys who had.

Can you have a media circus that is nothing but clowns?

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