Too Much Craziness Today

2010 April 27
by Dave

Too much craziness on the internet today. What is a blogger to do? Talk about the downgrade of Greek sovereign debt to junk status and the obvious conclusion of this whole sordid tale in the collapse of Western civilization. Or maybe focus on the Apple Gestapo kicking down Jason Chen’s door and seizing all of his computers and storage media, including his iPad, because he published a leak on the next iPhone.

You can’t even do anything with an iPad. This is obviously a ploy by Apple to make the iPad seem to be a useful journalistic tool.

Er, back to crazy things that happened in the past day or two. Kindle e-book price hike took effect. Another awesome Apple as villain story. My wife is pissed. She already sent one nasty letter to Harper Collins and I’m sure more will follow.

What else, oh yeah, back to the Greece thing. The markets were down on worry about Greece. I actually think that the markets are really scared that bad things might happen rather than worried about the strength of the dollar this time.

And Goldman Sachs was dragged before the Senate to have their emails read at them all day. Awesome.  One Senator apologized to her mother and her constituents via Twitter for using the word “shitty” in the course of reading aloud the electronic missives of various Goldman employees and executives.

Just wait until they subpoena the text messages sent from Goldman company phones and sit around reading them aloud on C-Span for cheap thrills. I hope the Fabulous Fab didn’t sext his girlfriend from his company phone.

I promise to have a more coherent post on Friday. I am just overwhelmed by today and can’t bring myself to focus in on a single event or topic.

But really I must savor one last time the flavor of Apple’s punishment of the ridiculously pro-Apple Gizmodo blogger. They sent the cops to steal his iPad in retaliation for posting about an iPhone prototype. You can’t make this stuff up.

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